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10 Free Online PDF to Word Converters

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There are several reasons why you would want to convert your .pdf files to .doc files. One primary reason why you want to do this is the need to edit text which is very hard to do when you are doing it in a dpf file. So we want

20 Ongoing Coupon Codes for Godaddy Every Webmaster Needs

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Putting up and maintaining a website is not a joke. It means a lot of hard work, patience, and a lot of expenses. Most webmasters puts up a blog or website to make money. At the very beginning you need to invest on a domain, hosting, and other needs to get your site

FBI Moneypak Scam Still Taking Victims

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FBI Moneypak is one of the latest computer infections on the Internet, and it is reported to spread much faster than any other virus that is known. This intruder is more dangerous and cunning than ever and is known to infect computers in the United States. In fact, after

15 Funniest Harlem Shake Videos

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The internet is being hit with some crazy shake. Everyone is going bananas over Harlem Shake videos. So what is this Harlem Shake all about? Basically there are short videos about 30 seconds long. One man would move or dance to the Harlem Shake tune. After a few seconds

Prototype of PlayStation 4 Controller Leaked

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On this coming Wednesday Sony Entertainment is scheduled to have a media event in New York. They advertised that something new is coming with regards to its gaming console widely known as the PlayStation 3. Many gamers and enthusiasts are already excited about the event because they will finally be

Rumored Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Screenshots Leaked

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A Korean discussion board just recently published screenshots of rumored Samsung smartwatch. The story has hit the internet and among tech blogs and communities who loves the ring of such stories. Since this is a Samsung smartwatch many has easily dubbed it as ‘Samsung Galaxy Watch’. This is despite the

Blogger Templates With “Bandwidth Exceeded” Errors

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Hello there dear Blogger users. I know that it has been long time since I last updated Falconhive and I see that you guys are having some problems with the templates. First of all I have to say that I’m really busy with my exams nowadays and I hardly

How To Access Blocked Websites Safely

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Unfortunately it is not unusual for us to read banned website news. Lately we read how Blogger was banned in Turkey and you can be sure that many websites are getting suspended in China and India everyday. There are some ways to break all these restrictions and gain your