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How to Get Google+ Custom URL For Your Profile

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Established in 2011, Google+ has been growing every month with its already active over 250 million users. While Google makes greate improvements for its social networking service, there is one thing almost every Google+ users don’t like, which is lengthy profile links that is consisted of numbers. Beginning from

20 Funny DIY Google Glass Ideas

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Can’t wait for Google glass to be out in the market? Why not try to build your own! Some guys has already showed their ingenuity and had come up with the following ideas of DIY Google glass devices. They don’t need a multi million dollar project to build their own. What

Google Chromebook Pixel: Specs, Price and Video

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A new generation of Chromebook OS device has been officially lunched by Google. They call it the Google Chromebook Pixel. This new machine is much more affordable yet suitable for power users. Pixel is built to perform at maximum speed, insuring smooth operation. The design is made comfortable for

How to Add Google +1 Button to Blogger

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Google +1 button is now available for websites and I recommend you Blogger users to add this new cool button to your blogs because it is another parameter that affects your website’s ranking on search results. So basically you should not ignore the button. It is pretty easy to