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15 Most Addictive Zombie Games for iPhone & iPad

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One thing we can’t have on our iPhone and iPads are game apps! iOS games can be off the wall fun and addictive, crazy and even scary. So, we have compiled a list of the fifteen most addictive zombie games you will find in iOS for you to enjoy.

Official PlayStation 4: Specs, Features, Release Date and Price

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The wait is over Sony has finally and officially unveiled the much awaited the next generation of Sony game console “PlayStation 4″. Yes that’s the official name of this mean gaming machine from Sony. But hold on to your horses because it wont be available on eBay or any

Prototype of PlayStation 4 Controller Leaked

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On this coming Wednesday Sony Entertainment is scheduled to have a media event in New York. They advertised that something new is coming with regards to its gaming console widely known as the PlayStation 3. Many gamers and enthusiasts are already excited about the event because they will finally be

Infinity Blade Free on iOS For a Limited Time

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For a limited time Infinity Blade will be free on iOS. This will be true until February 21, 2012 when it will revert to its original price. This is a Valentines Day special from Apple and game creator ChAIR Entertainment Group LLC. This is an award-winning game and equally highly

Sony PlayStation 4 Release Date and Specifications

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It looks like your PlayStation 3 is going to be obsolete or near to it as to say. Sony is inviting media personalities and guests to attend an own hosted conference this coming February 20th. The announcement come out earlier this week from Home Entertainment Vice President. It was

17 Popular PC Games Available Now on iPad

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Your wish has been granted! Your well-loved PC games are now available on your iPad. Take a look at thee all time favorite 17 PC Games Available for iPad list. It’s time to relive the games that you have grown up with and play them on your new Apple

New GTA V Screenshots Revealed by Rockstar Games

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Rockstar Games keeps sharing  new screenshots of the next GTA sequence, GTA V. The stunning graphics of the game not only excite GTA addicts, but also cause a new controversy over PC gamers because Rockstar Games has not yet said anything about game’s availability for PC.  The same discussion