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How to Add Google +1 Button to Blogger

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Google +1 button is now available for websites and I recommend you Blogger users to add this new cool button to your blogs because it is another parameter that affects your website’s ranking on search results. So basically you should not ignore the button. It is pretty easy to

Choosing the most suitable Blogger template for your business blog

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In previous article, I have shared some tips for you to start business blog with Blogger. Today I’m going to tell how to choose the most suitable Blogger template for your business. There’s some common requirements and consideration for you to choose your business Blogger template, study this post

Starting your business blog with Blogger

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We all know that Blogger exists for better blogging, and as the template maker, FalconHive and other excellent sites has continually develop new feature for the Blogger template, professional business blogger can now start their business blog on the Blogger. Let’s see what we should do before starting a

Hubspot Webinar: Combine SEO, Blogging & Social Media For Results

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Hubspot is going to organize a webinar, talking about how blogger can combine SEO (Search Engine Optimization), blogging and social media for better result than any technique alone The webinar would be hold on Wednesday, December 17 2008, at 1PM EST (GTM- 5). As usual, it’s free and open

iLike: Let Your Blogspot Rocks With Music

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Blogger Buzz has recently introduced a cool music playlist gadget called iLike. iLike enables your blog rocks with music by a self-setup playlist in its site. You can add music listed in the site, arrange and organize your tunes, and simply integrate it into your blog’s sidebar. I would

Hubspot Webinar: Marketing In A Recession

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After the webinar Facebook the Business, Hubspot is going to hold another webinar called ‘Marketing in a recession’ on Friday (5 Dec 2008), 12pm EST (GMT–5). This webinar would talk about how can we, the internet marketer, stretch our budget and employ effective marketing techniques to drive business in